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Graduate Seminar

Each year, the BSP Graduate Student Researcher works with the Faculty Director(s) and BSP faculty affiliates to convene a group of graduate students working in African American and Black Diaspora studies.  Students are recruited from departments and disciplines across campus, and commit to participating in a year-long Graduate Student Research Seminar that meets at least twice a quarter. Students read and discuss foundational and new works in the field, present their works in progress, and gather for group writing sessions. Often, they collaborate on more extended projects, such as one-day symposia on their research or group travel to hear speakers within the fieldGraduate student dissertation and pre-doctoral fellows are expected to participate in the seminar and to present on their research as a condition of their fellowship.

If you are interested in being a part of the Graduate Student Seminar or would like to be added to the BSP Graduate Student listserv, please contact this year’s BSP Graduate Student Researcher, Matthew Ford, at