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BSP Faculty Fellows (2022-2023)

  • Nicole Miller

    Nicole Miller

    Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts

    Nicole Miller is an artist working mainly with video, she lives and works in Southern California. Miller’s work stems from the possibility representation allows for reconstitution. Using video installation and sculpture, Miller proposes that active viewing can be used as a tool to reconstitute personal histories, or even one's own body.

  • Kelema Moses

    Kelema Moses

    Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies

    Planning Affiliate Faculty, Asian American & Pacific Islander Studies Affiliate Faculty, Black Diaspora & African American Studies BSP Faculty Fellow (2022-2023) Kelema Lee Moses is an architectural historian specializing in race, indigeneity, and politics.

  • A.B. Boateng

    A.B. Boateng

    Associate Professor, Department of Communication

    I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, UCSD, and most of my scholarship is on the ways in which intellectual property laws regulate knowledge and culture along the lines of indigeneity, race, gender and nationality.

BSP Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

  • Matt Ford

    Matt Ford

    Literature, MFA Writing

    Matt Ford is pursuing their Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing at UCSD. Their current creative and intellectual work explores liberation theology, cosmology, music archives, art installations, and black queer poetics of being.

BSP Dissertation Fellows

  • India Pierce

    India Pierce

    Ethnic Studies, PhD Candidate

    BSP Dissertation Fellow My project explores the experiences of queer women of color activists who have found in their spiritual beliefs a profound sense of connection to the world around them that is inseparable from their political endeavors and new world-making efforts.

  • Alicia Wright

    Alicia Wright

    Anthropology, PhD Candidate

    BSP Dissertation Fellow Alicia M. Wright (They/She) is a sixth year doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology specializing in linguistic anthropology.

  • Marina Vlahakis

    Marina Vlahakis

    Literature Department, PhD Candidate

    Postcolonial African Literature, Critical Gender Studies, and Spatial Studies BSP Dissertation Fellow "The Hair Salon in Twenty-First Century African Literature: The Production of Cosmopolitan Communities".

BSP Pre Doctoral Fellow

  • Joy Miller

    Joy Miller

    Department of History, PhD Candidate

    BSP Pre-Doctoral Fellow Joy Miller was born and raised in San Diego, California. She received her B.A. and M.A. in history from California State University, San Marcos. Her work focuses on twentieth-century African American cultural and labor histories, gender, and black political activism.