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Affiliated Faculty

BSP Affiliates

  • Boatema Boateng

    Boatema Boateng

    Department of Communication

    Research Interests: Critical Legal Studies; Critical Race Studies; Cultural Studies; Transnational Gender Studies; African Diaspora Studies

    Learn more about Boatema's work

  • Angela Booker

    Angela Booker

    Department of Communication

    Research Interests: Youth Civic and Political Participation; Learning in Informal Settings; Media and Technology for Learning; Mathematics in Context; Parent Advocacy; Anthropology and Education; Qualitative Research Methods

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  • Adam Burgasser

    Adam Burgasser

    Department of Physics

    Research Interests: Observational astrophysics, focusing on very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs; low temperature stellar and planetary atmospheres; stellar multiplicity; Galactic stellar populations; Physics & Astronomy education; Equity & Inclusion in the physical sciences

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  • Thandeka Chapman

    Thandeka Chapman

    Department of Education Studies

    Research Interests: Schooling; Urban Education; Desegregation policies in Urban and Suburban districts; Institutional racism; Critical Race Theory; Multicultural Education

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  • Dennis Childs

    Dennis Childs

    Department of Literature

    Research Interests: Prison Studies; Slavery Studies; African American Literature; Legal Studies; Blues; American Literature; Racial Gothic Literature

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  • Zeinabu Davis

    Zeinabu Davis

    Department of Communication

    Research Interests: Film production; Mass Media; World Cinema Studies; African and African American Cinema

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  • Ivan Evans

    Ivan Evans

    Department of Sociology and Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College

    Research Interests: Modern South African Studies; Race and Ethnicity; Political Sociology; Violence and Society; Social Movements; Global Climate Change; Environmental Sociology

    Learn more about Ivan's work

  • LaGina Gause

    LaGina Gause

    Department of Political Science

    Research Interests: American politics with a focus on the participation and representation of low income and racial and ethnic minority communities

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  • Jessica Graham

    Jessica Graham

    Department of History

    Research Interests: Twentieth century U.S. and Brazil, (U.S.) African American and Afro-Brazilian history, race, political ideology, cultural policy/diplomacy, and transnational history

    Learn more about Jessica's work

  • Sara Johnson

    Sara Johnson

    Department of Literature

    Research Interests: Theory and History of the Hispanophone, Francophone and Anglophone Caribbean and its Diasporas; Hemispheric American Literature and Cultural Studies; the Age of Revolution in the extended Americas; and Music and Dance of the African Diaspora

    Learn more about Sara's work

  • Nancy Kwak

    Nancy Kwak

    Department of History & Department of Urban Studies and Planning

    Research Interests: The history of cities; planning/architecture/design; housing policy, particularly questions of housing affordability, racial and income segregation, gentrification, and the relationship between cities and climate change

    Learn more about Nancy's work

  • Nicole Miller

    Nicole Miller

    Department of Visual Arts

    Learn more about Nicole's work

  • Imani Munyaka

    Imani Munyaka

    Department of Computer Science & Engineering

    Research Interests: Public Policy, Security Education, Voting Technologies, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Accessibility, and Minorities in STEM

    Learn more about Imani's work

  • Danielle Raudenbush

    Danielle Raudenbush

    Department of Sociology

    Research Interests: Health and well-being of minorities and low-income people in the U.S.; questions of social cohesion among low-income minorities; the role of social relationships in coping with material deprivation

    Learn more about Danielle's work

  • Paul Mpagi Sepuya

    Paul Mpagi Sepuya

    Department of Visual Arts

    Learn more about Paul's work

  • Daphne Taylor-Garcia

    Daphne Taylor-Garcia

    Department of Ethnic Studies

    Research Interests: Comparative Colonialisms; Class, Gender, Race and Sexuality Studies; Cultural Studies, Phenomenology; Decolonial Theory

    Learn more about Daphne's work

  • Danny Widener

    Danny Widener

    Department of History

    Research Interests: Modern American History; Cultural Studies; Political Radicalism; Cuban and Caribbean History; African American History; History of California, Sport, and Film

    Learn more about Danny's work