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2020 BSP Travel Grant Recipients

Black Studies Project at UC San Diego is pleased to announce their recipients of the 2020 BSP Travel Grant: 

     Marina Vlahaki – Literature 
The Hair Salon in African Literature: A Discursive Space of Mobility and Labor
Paul Roth – Music 
The Sonic Politics of Don Cherry
Samantha de Vera – History 
 Black Refugees, Incarceration, and Union Military Justice During the Civil War and Reconstruction
Christine Assefafeleke – Ethnic Studies 
Grounding Buna: Locating East African Refugee Women’s Knowledge Production through Oral History and the Archive
Library of Congress, Washington D.C. and UC Berkeley Advanced Oral History Summer Institute

2019 BSP Travel & Research Grant Recipients

Black Studies Project at UC San Diego is pleased to announce their recipients of the 2019 BSP Travel and Research Grant: 


Saisi, Boke - Ethnic Studies
Barred by the Maddening State: Black and Indigenous Women's Incarcerations in the US and Canada


Washington, Dana - Visual Arts
What Remains Unbound is Gathered


Wright, Alicia - Anthropology
African-American/Black Deaf Signers and American Sign Language (ASL)-English Interpreters: Neutrality, Effacement, and Authentication


Abusneineh, Bayan - Ethnic Studies
Chosen and Imagined: Racial and Gendered Politics of Reproduction in Palestine and Israel


Clark, Kim - Communication
Freedom by Design: Copwatch practice and new/ old strategies for social and cultural orders


Gregory, Michael - Theatre & Dance
Not Another Sidney Poitier

Professor Sara Clarke Kaplan speaks to KPBS about Black History Month

sarakaplan2.jpgBlack History Month is a time to celebrate black people who have and are shaping America. But, while black history is being celebrated during the month of February, it is excluded from many school history books.

Sara Clarke Kaplan is an associate professor of Ethnic Studies and Critical Gender Studies at UC San Diego, and a founder of the university's Black Studies Project.

"If we don't teach this material in schools we can't expect people to automatically go against all of their prejudices and beliefs they've been taught to actually understand the real conditions of life," Sara Kaplan said.

Kaplan joins Midday Edition Thursday to talk about the importance of black history and how Americans benefit from learning it.

Listen to the interview here!