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Graduate Student Bibliographies

The Graduate Student Seminar Series has generated bibliographies that inform their engagement with keywords in black studies.




Spillers, Hortense.  “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe.”

___ “Interstices”

Wynter, Sylvia. “1492…”

____ “Unsettling the Coloniality of Being”

Hartman, Saidiya.  Scenes of Subjection

Combahee River Collective Statement

Gordon, Lewis. Bad Faith & Anti-black Racism


Cohen, Cathy. “Punks, Bulldaggers & Welfare Queens”

Combahee River Collective Statement

Gilroy, Paul. The Black Atlantic

Gordon, Lewis. Bad Faith & Anti-black Racism

Hall, Stuart. “Constituting an Archive”

____. “What is the black in black popular culture”

Hartman, Saidiya.  Scenes of Subjection

Hartman, Saidiya & Frank Wilderson. “Position of the Unthought”

Higginbotham. “The Metalanguage of Race

Holland, Sharon. The Erotic Life of Racism

Moten, Fred. “The Case of Blackness”

____. “Blackness & Nothingness”

McKittrick, Katherine. “Plantation Futures”

Sexton, Jared. “Ante-Anti Blackness”

____ “The Social Life of Social Death”

Spillers, Hortense.  “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe.”

___ “Interstices”

Walcott, Rinaldo. “The Problem of the Human”

Weheliye, Alexander. Habeus Viscus

____. “Feenin’”

Wilderson, Frank. “Red, White & Black.”

Wynter, Sylvia. “1492…”

____ “Unsettling the Coloniality of Being”

Transgender Quarterly Special Issue, The Issue of Blackness

Rhizomes 29 Special Issue, Black Holes: Afropessimism, blackness, and the discourses of Modernity

e-flux 79 issue 79 “As the world falls apart…”

liquid blackness, black ontology and the love of blackness




Moten, Blackness and Nothingness

Sharpe, Monstrous Intimacies

Cohen, Punks, Bulldaggers, Welfare Queens

Cohen, Deviance as Resistance

Spillers, Interstices

Spillers, Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe

Lubiano, Black Ladies, Welfare Queens, and State Minstrels

Thomas, Exceptional Violence (Chapter 1)

Ferguson, Aberrations

Barrett, Blackness and Value

Sexton, Social Life of Social Death

Moten, The Case of Blackness

Sexton, On Black Negativity

McKittrick, Mathematics and Black Life

Thomas, The Sexual Demon of Colonial Power

Morgan, Laboring Women (1st Chapter)

Somerville, Scientific Racism and the Invention of the Homosexual Body

Fanon, Wretched of the Earth (amputation)

Johnson, Soul by Soul

Kaplan, A Response to Maurice Wallace

Metzal, Protest Psychosis

Washington, Medical Apartheid

Roberts, Killing the Black Body

Morrison, Bluest Eye

Marriot, Haunted Life (intro)


Keeling, Looking for M___

Snorton, Nobody is Supposed to Know

Keeling, Witches Flight (Chapter 2 on Fanon/Blaxploitation)

Muhammad, Condemnation of Blackness

Alexander, The New Jim Crow

Zakiya Jackson

Davis, the Black Male Rapist

Browne, Dark Matters

Snorton, Black on Both Sides

Horton-Stallings, Funk the Erotic

A Philosophical Account of Africana Studies: An Interview with Lewis Gordon

Queerness of HipHop issue of Performance…